Cross-border Trucking Expansion:  After successful launch of cross-border trucking service to CLMV in the last two years, we have decided to further expand the service to China.  All existing routes such as Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar have been set up with complete customs clearance capability at both sides of the borders.  Now, China is the potential market that we are in the process to further expand due to the special requirements of the customers that need CBT in between airfreight and ocean freight.

Perishable and Foods Logistics: 3X Logistics has an initiative to set another new distribution service that manage up-stream to down-stream of the food chain.  Our concept is to manage procurement of perishable and ingredients for restaurant chains and food hawker stalls then deliver the order to the store fronts on next-day service through IT platform.  It is expected to launch the service in early May 2018.